Dr Heater Quartz Infrared Portable Space HeaterThe Dr Heater Quartz Infrared Heater is the latest most revolutionary portable space heater that will easily heat up a room and will cut down your heating bills to around 50%.

Dr Heater is more efficient that your conventional heaters because it has a dual heating system that combines the power of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and infrared technology. What this basically means is that you’re going to get 60% more hot air that will flow around you. Dr Heater is certified with the highest safety standards and it’s not going to overheat. It also gets rid off the static and airborne particles and won’t dry the air.

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Dr Heater Quartz Features

  • Newly engineered and designed in the U.S.
  • Advanced dual heating system increases the heat transfer rate
  • 1500W with high and low temperature settings ranging from 65 to 86 degrees
  • Evenly heats your room quickly
  • Produces 60% more heat than other models in the market
  • Awesome supplemental heating source

Dr Heater Consumer Reviews

The Dr Heater Quartz portable space heater will definitely score very high points in your home. You can also check out the many different reviews of this space heater over at Amazon and you can even take advantage of the huge savings. But before you do purchase it, you have to read some really important points so you’ll know if Dr Heater is an ideal solution for your needs.

You can depend on Dr Heater all winter long as it works really well and it warms up your room very quickly. It has a soft sounding fan that is very comforting. You can feel the heat flow which is really strong and thermostat set works awesome. You simply turn Dr Heater on and push the mode button, quickly telling you what the current room temperature is. After that, you then push the low set button for the level of temperature you don’t want it to fall below and everything is automatic. Dr Heater will give you the heat level that you set and automatic will turn the unit on and off when needed keeping the temperature inside a few degrees of setting.

You will definitely get your money’s worth if you’re going to use Dr Heater as a supplemental heater rather than a primary heater for your home (especially if you have a large space). It’s very easy to use and moves smoothly on its wheels plus it’s going to look really good in your home because of its attractive wood grain frame.

Some consumers recommend putting Dr Heater up off the floor because that worked well for larger rooms. You’ll also see that it’s more compact compared to others but it puts out just as much heat. Also make sure that you clean up the filter on the back regularly, especially if you have some pets. It’s really simple to clean because all you have to do is pull it off and run it under some warm water.

You’ll be glad to know that Dr Heater is very safe because it doesn’t get hot on the surface. This is really a huge advantage especially if you have some small kids around the house. With Dr Heater, you’ll be able to completely relax because you’re confident that your loved ones will be safe around it.

You’ll also have the most bang for your buck because Dr Heater is a lot cheaper compared to its competitors. Many consumers who previously owned other brands testified that Dr Heater is a very high quality product at a much lower price and some of them even bought two heaters! You will also have some peace and quiet because Dr Heater isn’t noisy. It makes about as much noise as your refrigerator does, so you won’t even notice it running unless it’s totally silent in your house.

However, there were some inconsistencies according to consumers with regards to how much space the Dr. Heater can heat up. There were some reports that it doesn’t really heat up a 1,000 sq ft of space. Like you’ve read earlier in this review, the Dr. Heater is best used as a supplemental heater rather than a main central heating for your home. You’re also going to get efficient heating if you use the Dr. Heater for smaller rooms such as your bedroom.

As you can see, Dr Heater Quartz is your solid choice when it comes to choosing a portable space heater. It will warm you up during those cold nights and Dr Heater definitely beats the price of higher end models while maintaining a high standard of quality. Additionally, you’re going to save some money by lower your energy bills.


  • Warms up a 1,000 square feet space quickly
  • Customer service is top notch
  • Doesn’t make too much noise
  • High quality at a much lower price
  • Surface doesn’t get hot so it’s safe
  • Easy to use and has an attractive frame


  • Works well as a supplemental heater rather than a primary
  • Not that good for really huge spaces

Dr Heater – What Owners Have To Say About It

This is a small heater but it does the job so well. The heat circulation goes around the whole house unlike the other expensive heaters that only warms up a room it sits on. I definitely saved a lot of money in my heating bills and I’ve been using Dr Heater non-stop at .10 cents a KW/hour. I strongly recommend this heater whether you have propane or oil heat as it will really lower your heating bills.


I use Dr Heater in my bedroom and it keeps over 500 sq.ft. condominium at a comfortable temperature. It’s really silent even when the fan is set to high and you can pretty much forget about it once you set it all up. The Dr Heater is not a central heater but this is much safer to use compared to those metal space wire heaters.

Robert L. Renteria

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We all know how important it is for us to be having optimal health. You would do anything so you could be as healthy as you can be. There are people who are willing to spend a great deal amount of money just to make sure that they are of the best health.

But what if I tell you that you can get an awesome health benefit that won’t cost you an arm and a leg?

This all sounds really tempting and you might be interested to take advantage of such solutions. Well, if you’re looking for a really good low cost health benefit then you have to try out an infrared heater. You can check out the Dr Heater reviews if you’re interested in buying an effective infrared heater. If you’ve having some aches and pains around your body or if you’ve been really stressed out from your daily life then you should seriously consider using infrared heaters.

Your body pains will be alleviated when using infrared heaters because of the well known fact that these devices will heat up your body from the inside thus increasing your temperature. When the temperature inside your body is rising, this will help your body to become more active. Your bones will be a lot stronger and you’ll just feel like you can do anything with little effort. If you’ll notice, many folks have already bought infrared heaters not only of the economical price but also for the number of health benefits that you can get from it.

One thing that’s for sure is that people will definitely use some form of heating when it’s time for the winter season. It’s really hard to ignore the cold and the experience is not that good when you’re freezing. The winter season is the perfect time when people purchase infrared heaters. Many medical experts will also recommend using infrared heaters because of their ability to relieve high blood pressure. It will increase the rate of your metabolism and will take out the toxins and waste materials from your body thus will lessen the instances of having some blood clots inside your body.

Article by: Dr Heater reviews site

I also wanted to know what’s the big deal with this infrared heater and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I built this Dr Heater Reviews website. But in this article we’re going to discuss the reasons why infrared heaters are becoming a necessity especially in the cold winter season.

These type of heaters are very effective in heating up your houses because the heat is an invisible wave of light that’s being absorbed by your body. It uses electromagnetism to give out the heat and economically you’re going to love it since it consumes only a small amount of electricity.

When you owned conventional heaters before you’ve probably experienced how it makes the air a bit heavy. With infrared heaters, your heating will be more quick. What this basically means is that when you have a windy weather, infrared heat is not easily blown away because the heat is already absorbed by everything surrounding it.

There are many benefits that infrared heaters give and that’s why many people are gravitating to this type of heater. It’s already been proven that they are really effective in giving out good heat.

What are the types of infrared heaters?

They will come in a variety of forms and each of them will be catered to an individual’s specific heating needs. What’s hot in the market today are the infrared heaters for room, outdoor patio heaters, and sauna heaters. What you will find out in most situations is that the different types of heaters will also have the functionality of the others. Don’t get overwhelmed when choosing your infrared heater. It’s advisable that you purchase something that will fit your needs so you can maximize the results that you want.

Another wonderful benefit of infrared heaters, like the Dr Heater, is the portability. They will be available in many different sizes so you can move it anywhere you want inside your house. Sometimes they will be equipped with wheels or handlebars so you can easily transport it. But before you make a decision to buy one, make a decision on where you want your infrared heater to be put. If you do this then you will use the heater to its full advantage.

Obviously all products are not perfect and one disadvantage from having an infrared heater is that it only provides direct radiation to objects that are inside a space. If your infrared heater is in your bedroom then it will only heat up the objects that’s in your room. What you have to remember is that infrared heaters are not the ideal solution when you want to heat up your whole house.

Article by: Dr Heater Reviews Website

Dr Heater VS iHeater? If you’re asking this question then your answer will depend on some of the factors that will be present in this article. How much heat do you actually need and what’s your spending budget?

The Dr Heater’s price is lower than the iHeater with some little differences. Generally, you will see that iHeater is a little more expensive and if you add in the shipping and taxes, the iHeater will quickly eat your budget away.

With that being said, let’s take a look at a side by side comparison of Dr Heater and iHeater:

  • Effectiveness – Manufacturers for both heaters indicate they will sufficiently heat a room up to 1000 square feet.
  • Appearance – Both models have a wood grain finish, however the Dr Heater has a bit more streamlined appearance where you are unable to see as much of the heating element. Some find the brighter glow of the iHeater to be unattractive.
  • Mobility – Both of these infrared heaters can be rolled around on caster wheels to easily move the unit from room to room.
  • Operating Costs – An increase in monthly power bills has been noticed with both units, however consumer reviews indicate that the iHeater is slightly more expensive to operate.
  • Purchase Price – The purchase price of the iHeater is somewhat higher than the Dr Heater at around $300. The cost of the Dr model is priced at around $230.
  • Convenience – Both models have front panel controls as well as an IR remote control for adjusting the settings.
  • BTU – The Dr Heater is at 5000 while the iHeater is slightly higher at 5100.

You might have noticed that both of the heaters are fairly evenly matched but the cost of iHeater might probably make Dr Heater a better deal. Almost $100 less in most cases, you would see a significant savings with the Dr model.  The iHeater’s wattage is at 1500 while the Dr heater is at 1000. This higher wattage would explain the increase in the cost of operation of the iHeater.  Since both heaters are rated to heat 1000 square feet, you would save purchasing the less expensive model.

If you are looking for a supplemental heating system for your home to save money on the cost of oil or propane, an infrared heater may be the solution. Most are small and easy to tuck away while keeping the room at comfortable temperatures. When looking at Dr Heater vs iHeater infrared models, consider all of the costs and read other consumer feedback to determine which model is right for you.