When you’re looking for some information on Dr Heater vs EdenPure heaters, then you will see that are some few quick differences that will come out. The portable infrared heater that’s right for you will ultimately depend on what your needs and expectations are.

When you compare it with the price of the EdenPure Gen3 model, then Dr Heater will definitely have some advantages. With a much more heat output, the Dr Heater appears to be built to heat up a wider area of your home. Let’s take a look at a side by side comparison of some of the main features of the two portable heaters:

  • Area of Heat – Although both units are rated to cover an area of 1000 feet, the Dr Heater appears to cover a wider area, with users reporting that they need to be in close proximity to the EdenPure to feel its heating effects.
  • Casing – The EP Gen 3 comes in a solid black casing while the Dr model has an attractive wood finish.
  • Visibility of Heating Elements – With the Dr Heater, the heating elements are not as visible from the front panel, while the EP model has the heating elements clearly visible with a brighter glow.
  • Cost of Operation – Although the Dr Heater does cost more to run, it does offer more heat output.
  • Cost of Unit – These two units are relatively close in purchase price.
  • Portability – Both systems offer the ability to move the heater as needed, with caster wheels so the unit can be rolled from one location to the other.
  • Ease of Use – Both space heaters are easy to use with a remote control included for convenience.
  • BTU – The EdenPure is 5000 while the Dr model is 5200
  • Maintenance – The filter for both models can be clean with warm water or vacuumed.

As you can see, the Dr. Heater appears to be better for larger areas while the EdenPure is better for smaller areas such as under your desk to warm your feet. If you want to save on the cost of running a space heater, and you really only need to warm a small space, then the EdenPure might be a better choice. However, if you would like to supplement your current heating system and need to warm a broader area, then the Dr. Heater might be a better buy.

If you are trying to decide which space heater would work best for you, then you need to think about the cost of operation and how much heat you really need. By comparing the Dr. Heater vs EdenPure heaters, you can determine the best model to fit your needs.